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Drilling into the Oil Spill: A Brief History

A timeline of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

The Washington Independent’s video team put together a timeline documenting the events surrounding the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, as of June 17, 2010

March on the Treasury

Protest in front of the Treasury Building

A protest organized by The Young Turks in front of the treasury about Goldman Sachs, AIG, and Timothy Geithner.

Mitch Daniels on Health Care Legislation

Mitch Daniels Speaks on health care legislation at the US Capitol Building

Current Governor of Indiana and potential 2012 presidential candidate Mitch Daniels speaking of his criticisms with health care.

How to Connect with Young Voters

A Campus Progress panel discussion about how to connect with young voters during campaigns.

Effects of Legalizing Marijuana in California

A RAND Corporation presentation about the effects of legalizing marijuana in California. Specifically the effects legalization will have on consumption, and budget.

In Search of Secure Borders

A Center for American Progress Event discussing possible immigration reform policy

A panel discussion about shortcomings with current border control policy, and potential that exists for comprehensive reform.

Is Government Broken?

A Brookings Institute Event

A panel discussion at the Brookings Institute answering the question: Is Government Broken?