These “About” sections always seem so narcissistic, I don’t enjoy them much so I’ll keep it brief. My studies are in the evolving field that is the media. I aspire to be a journalist; my specific interests in that field are related to societal issues. When it comes to journalism people often attempt to apply labels. One can be a photojournalist, a musical journalist, a political journalist. I try to keep away from these sort of tags, but for the sake of the masses I would consider myself to be interested in investigative journalism. The news that goes unreported. News that is often times of the most relevance and impact to the reader. Mr. Gelb may cringe at such a suggestion, but he knows what I mean.

I’ve been told that I am loud, arrogant, and even obnoxious. I find all of those terms to be relative, but for the most part there is a legitimate basis for those claims. My only rebuttal to that is that I don’t speak on issues that I have no knowledge of. I may express myself in abrupt ways, but that expression comes from passion…issues that I feel strongly about. When I speak on behalf of them I do so with well-developed, logical ideas. I feel that this is my absolute strongest characteristic as a journalist. To go along with that I also try to listen as much as possible to other people and ideas. Even if I oppose them; because what I know is that I don’t know much at all, so I ask. I find it very important to understand “the other side of things”. And I use quotes there because I hate cliches and try to avoid them “at all costs”. Did it again.

On a more personal note, my overall happiness depends squarely on the successes of the Miami Dolphins and New York Yankees. Those two organizations have been a part of my life since I was able to comprehend human thought. And they always will be. I’m an avid sports fan and I view athletics as a form of art. Try me on this one and I will present you with one of my aforementioned “well-developed and logical” arguments.

I believe that everything in life is based on relative perception. There is not necessarily a right or a wrong. There may be a moral code to mankind, but specific predetermined patterns of behavior and societal norms are bullshit. Definitions are actually quite indefinite. This thought within myself evolves daily. I just try to ride the wave, whichever shore it may break upon.

That wasn’t very brief was it?